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Are you or have you got people in your Church in their Twenties, Thirties or Forties? Would they like to meet other Christians of similar ages? Would you like to get together on a regular social basis? Would you like local well organised events that you could take your non-Christian friends to? Do you have a desire for local Churches to work together? Would you like to stage local concerts/events for ALL AGES that can help local churches work together? If you have answered YES to any of the above, then Twenty Thirty Forties is for you. Web site has an event diary, message boards and local group pages. [click] here., is a new Web portal (Web information site) providing information on the UK churches to the internet community. Whether you are moving to a new area of the country, looking to visit a local church whilst on holiday, or wanting to encourage a friend to attend church in another part of the country, will provide access to information on local church congregations. [click] here.
Youth Connection is an organisation, designed to inform the Youth Leader/Worker about what is happening locally, nationally and when. Join the mailing list and you will receive a Welcome Pack full of resources plus a minimum of four newsletters a year that will include up to date information of the latest news and events and, subject to availability, the occasional free gift. The Web site has an online youth event diary. [click] here.



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